Share Your Experience

You can make a priceless contribution to our blog by writing an article about your experience, tips, etc. Anything that is connected with the topic of travelling will suffice, but you will still have to meet some requirements. As any other high-quality informational blog, Tropical Diesel need well-written useful articles.

To be featured in our blog, your post should be:

  • About traveling.
    Obviously, your post must be connected to the topic of travelling. Write about your trips, mistakes beginner tourists make, how to avoid them, etc. Such posts are always popular, and you can make yours country-specific, which will help those planning to go the country a lot!
  • New and unique.
    Make sure the topic wasn’t covered in the blog before, and don’t attempt to copy a post from another website. We check the uniqueness of all the posts, and if we find an obvious copy, we will have to deny the article. We strive to be informational, but not at the expense of other website’s unique posts. Even if you gather information on the Internet, make sure you write a totally new article on it.
  • At least 500 words long.
    Most topics can be briefly opened in 500 words – less may be insufficient. If you have nothing more to write on the theme and the text still isn’t 500 words long, contact us for consultation. You can also add some relevant information to the article to make it longer.
  • Follow the standard structure of an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. You can create a variety of structures within this one, use lists, subheaders, etc. We welcome diverse posts in our blog, as we feature many different people.
  • Without mistakes.
    Of course, we wait for the posts that are proofread and checked several times for mistakes. Our editors will add their efforts to the check before posting the article, but it’s very desirable that you proofread it yourself before sending it to us.

If you hesitate whether or not your topic will be useful enough, contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the right way and make it possible for your post to be featured. You can consult us on the structure, word count, etc. if you think you might not meet these requirements due to some reasons. We are understandable and don’t demand the same structure from all the posts, so if you discuss your variation with us, you may still become our one-day writer.